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What Kind of Tyres Should I Buy on Credit?

As we slowly continue to move away from cash, more and more options for ways you can pay have become available. The best part? These payment options often come with no need to have a credit card or the associated big bank fees. These days, we are fortunate to have multiple options when it comes to purchasing on credit so why not go a little fancy!

Tyrepower now has Zippay and Zipmoney

Zip pay with Tyrepower

We now offer 6 months interest free repayments through the Australian credit facility ZipPay. This means that you can now afford those premium tyres you have had your eye on, and pay them off over time.

It’s really simple to create your own account and manage your payments via their app or online. Payback as much or as little as you want over 6 months, interest may occur beyond that.

Credit Purchasing in the Automarket

The auto market makes up for 4% of ZipPay’s purchasing, according to Zip’s 2018 annual report. This segment is rising as consumers lean towards a more premium tyre and regular services.

What are the Benefits of Buying Tyres on Credit?

  • Premium tyres are now within reach
  • Monthly interest free payments
  • Manage your payments according to your ability to pay back the funds
  • Your vehicle will be safer with new tyres

The current COVID pandemic has accelerated cashless payments and especially the use of buy now, pay later arrangements. If you have been putting off new tyres, now is the time to take advantage of buying tyres on credit. Tyrepower stores across Australia now offer ZipPay. Make a booking today or simply call one of our stores to speak with a professional.

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